About Oliver Araiza

Our Family

Oliver Araiza and his wife, Kim, have four children, and seven grandchildren. They have been happily married for over forty years. Their children are Oliver III, Christina, Angela, and Joel.

Our History

Brother Araiza was saved and baptized in 1976, at the Open Door Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas. He was highly active in his youth department and the bus ministry serving under his father for bus number seven. Oliver surrendered to God’s call upon his life to preach the Gospel soon after he was saved.

Bro. Araiza received evangelism training under Evangelist Dr. Joe M. Boyd. He traveled eight summers in the Summer Seminars of Evangelism and held the position of Dean of Men for two of those summers.

He graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pastoral Theology in 1983. In 1998 Brother Araiza received an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Evangelistic Schools of Leadership. Evangelist Araiza assisted Dr. Randy Taylor for several

years in revival meetings with junior revival services and teen services, and at Mt Salem Revival Grounds in West Union, WV. In 1991 he launched out to establish the local church evangelistic ministry the Lord has called him to.

To God be the glory, Evangelist Oliver Araiza has conducted hundreds of full-scale revival meetings and numerous special meetings, including Sunday School seminars, teen conferences, missions conferences, and national conferences. He has preached in several foreign countries including, Belarus, Ukraine, Philippines, and Kenya.

Through the preaching of the Gospel, there has been a multitude of professions of faith throughout the United States of America and the world.

Our Ministry

Oliver and Kim are members of the Landmark Baptist Church in Parkersburg, WV, with Pastor Michael Lamb. Landmark Baptist is active in soul-winning, has a vibrant Sunday school, youth, and bus ministry, special needs and passionate about world-wide evangelism through foreign mission partners.  Brother Araiza has been involved in full time evangelism since 1982.

His ministries include:

  • Local church revivals
  • Praying for You! (Weekly radio program)
  • West Virginia’s Gospel Voice WVGV 89.7 FM West Union, WV, 96.7 FM Clarksburg, and coming soon WVGW 91.5 FM Rock Cave, WV and WVGL 91.1 FM Glenville, WV
    as well as an internet radio stream at www.wvgvradio.com
  • Missionary partnership with Pastor Christopher Seraspe and Liberty Baptist Church of Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Philippines. The Gospel Voice Radio ministry Philippines.
  • I Love Sunday School (church workers training seminar)


His publications include:

    • Gospel Tracts:
      • Salvation is Simple ABC (Children’s tract)
      • Have you made Your Reservation (Salvation)
      • Baptism, Clearing up the Muddy Water (Follow-up),
      • Salvation, Clear and Simple (Salvation)
      • The Bible is Coming True!
      • Where are Bonnie and Clyde? by Sylvester Matthews
      • In Pursuit of Clyde and Bonnie by Sylvester Matthews
    • Booklets:
      • Please, No More water in the Soup!
      • Lord Teach us to Pray
      • Cremation: Is it Christian by James A. Frasier (reprint)