Preaching Christ & Serving Churches Since 1982.

I Serve Our Saviour By Serving You.

Evangelist Oliver Araiza has over forty years of experience in working with independent Baptist churches in rural, urban, and suburban situations. His preaching is geared to believers with a strong application for personal revival but always accompanies a compassionate appeal to reach the lost.

Spirit-Filled Preaching

God chose to use preaching to save souls and change lives.  Pointed, unashamed, Spirit-filled preaching is the need of the hour.

Christ-Centered Music

Sacred music is Christ-centered music that ministers to the spirit, promotes sound doctrine, and edifies the saints.

King James Bible

The King James Bible is God’s inspired and preserved Word of God for English-speaking people of today.  I use it exclusively.


Personal Soul Winning

God commands each believer to preach the Gospel to every creature.  I preach and practice personal evangelism.

Independent Fundamental Baptist

As an independent, fundamental, Baptist evangelist,  I serve in churches of like-faith and preach fundamental doctrines of the Bible.

About Us

Oliver Araiza is a full-time evangelist. He and his wife, Kim, have four children and six grandchildren. Oliver and Kim are members of the Landmark Baptist Church of Parkersburg, WV. He is also the General Manager of a Gospel radio station. WVGV (West Virginia’s Gospel Voice) is in West Union, WV. Oliver has traveled across America and many countries worldwide, preaching revival meetings and evangelistic campaigns. He has been involved with radio ministry for twenty-five years and produces a weekly broadcast, Praying For You. He has written three gospel tracts, two booklets and publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Armour.

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